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Investment Management Services

Gray Financial Capital portfolio management service is geared towards clients who wish to participate and take an active interest in their investments but realize they would benefit from supervision and supplementary guidance. Our financial analysts identify bourgeoning investment opportunities through algorithms they feel would be suited to a client’s portfolio, they must adhere to strict regulatory oversite and obtain fiduciary authorization before they can go forward and execute an investment decision.

They are available to provide professional advice in instances where clients may not be sure about opportunities or financial products they have identified through their own efforts:

  • Investment opportunities will be identified by a fully qualified financial strategist.

  • These opportunities will always factor in a clients risk aversion and their objectives

  • Clients can request and implement stipulations that investments are not to be made in any industries they consider unethical; pharmaceutical, armaments, munitions, tobacco etc.

  • Our Investment professionals are on hand to discuss and converse about any investment strategies clients may have.

  • Pre IPO Market Listings

  • Live Stock Trading Analysis

  • Broker Consultation

Product Allocation

Gray Financial Capital discretionary portfolio management services have proven to be immensely attractive to those clients who prefer to be kept up-to-date with their investments, but overall do not possess the knowledge or acumen to manage their portfolio effectively. Often, this is owing to a lack of time or, perhaps, a preference for other activities like family or retirement.

Our comprehensive investment services can be tailored to match your requirements, investment goals and time sensitive pre IPO investments. For example, a growth portfolio can be structured and tailored to provide regular redemptions; for instance, to pay for a youth's tuition or to provide additional income to supplement an annuity.

Investments will be managed by a qualified financial strategist that the client authorizes to make investment decisions on his or her behalf:

  • The financial strategy will be in keeping with the client’s objectives and risk adverse profile.

  • There is an inconsequential lag between making the investment decision and executing it.

  • Clients have unrestricted access to portfolio managers and financial strategists who are able to discuss all issues or inquiries.

  • Documentation in relation to asset equities or other assets held within a client’s portfolio are held in a nominee account minimizing risk.

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